What is Good For the Goose, Is Not Good For the Gander

/What is Good For the Goose, Is Not Good For the Gander

What is Good For the Goose, Is Not Good For the Gander

Did You Know?

Some All-inclusive are not All Inclusive

So, if you are a Mini Traveler, (someone who travel once or twice a year) the word all-inclusive would mean one thing to you, while a Major Traveler (someone who travels numerous times throughout the year), the word all-inclusive would mean something totally different.

Mini Traveler just want to know that they are going to a resort/hotel that they will not have to pay for food or drinks, and they have a roof over their head. They are happy because they are away from home, work, and the stress of everyday living. The idea of getting on a plane is satisfying for them, in their mind, flying on a plane means a vacation.

Well, while that may be true to some extent, a vacation is getting away from normal daily activities, a period of suspension from work.

The Big question is, how much do you value yourself and your worth?

Will you work 60 hours a week and cannot treat yourself to, as we would say, “a decent vacation.”

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Come on guys! Airfare + cabs + hotel does not equal to an all-inclusive vacation package experience. You are selling yourself short! Remember, you work 60 hours a week at your paying jobs, then you have other duties such as wife/girlfriend, mother/children, chauffeurs, doctors, counselors etc. Not to mention the trifling friends/people that you have to deal with sometimes.

  • Airfare/Airlines – all are not created equal, you have seen on the news this week about how customers are treated on a particular airline. Research are necessary before you book your long awaited vacation with these airlines. Find a Travel Consultant who can advised you on what to expect, each airline gives a different experience.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be on a vacation and someone open the doors for you, and even lift your luggage to put in the car? How about a professional driver who is courteous, and knowledgeable of his geographic region. You are on vacation, you don’t have time to be going in circles because a driver doesn’t know where he is going. You left your home to travel at some ungodly hours of the morning, and didn’t realize you have a 10 hours lay over, so all you want to do is to get to your hotel quicker that it is humanly possible. Your inner man is screaming, get me to the hotel!
  • Resorts/Hotels – all are not created equal even though they say all-inclusive. What is the service like at a hotel of your choice, we cannot always depend on TripAdvisor. I have experienced good and bad taking advice from trip advisor. Do you remember early in the beginning of this blog I mentioned about Mini Traveler and Major Traveler? Mini traveler that is not exposed to many experiences will go to a cheap resort and rejoice at their all-inclusive experience.

Surprisingly, that hotel serves only continental breakfast, the lunch, and dinner menu consist of very little. With your special diet and food allergies that you have, you realize that there is nothing you can partake of. This leaves you contemplating what are you going to do? You didn’t bring much money as you thought that you didn’t need it, after all, you are at an all-inclusive hotel.

You tried calling someone back home on WhatsApp because that is a free call, WhatsApp need internet services to function, but WiFi was not included in your all-inclusive package. So you just decide to turn on your phone and call someone back home to send you some money. The rest of the day, was spent in your room watching TV as there was no plan activity at your choice hotel. What happen to you? Meanwhile, the major traveler is at an all-inclusive hotel that their Travel Agent recommended. Bobbing their head at the sound of Bob Marley’s song “One Love, One Heart, Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright” sipping on their 7th glass of margarita, decorated with miniature umbrella stuck in slice of pineapple accompanied by cherry on their drinking glass and acting like they are in haven.

My Suggestion: Get someone to assist you with your investment! Vacation is an investment of your hard earn dollars. Your vacation is to create memory either with yourself or your loved one. We don’t go on Wall Street and say, “I want to buy a stock” and purchase it yourself. You have to consult with a stockbroker. Why take chances on your travel investment, find a Travel Consultant!

Your feedback, review is greatly appreciated!

Some All-inclusive are not All Inclusive


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