Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

/Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

So it’s Tuesday afternoon and you’re in your car on your lunch break inhaling your favorite chick-fil-a sandwich. Once you’ve licked all the Polynesian sauce off your fingers, you pick up your phone and begin pursuing some websites. On one of the sites, you see an advertisement for a vacation deal:


You think, today has got to be my lucky day! This is too good a deal to pass up! You do some quick math in your head accounting for your PTO (paid time off) days, personal vacation fund, and the best timing to go, etc. And you snag the deal right there on the spot.

Fast forward to travel day. Your bags are packed, passport and tickets in hand, you board your flight. Only, come to find out, this is the first leg of 3! Then you realize that leg two is departing from an airport that is 30 minutes from the airport that you’ll be arriving in and you only have 45 minutes between arrival and departure to make that connecting flight.

You’re annoyed, frustrated, and stressed already and your first flight has not even reached the maximum flying altitude. But somehow you manage to calm yourself down and come up with a plan to catch your connecting flight- still determined to make this deal worth it.

And by something short of a miracle, you manage to make that connecting flight. 30 minutes away. In another airport. In a strange country. To go through another security check. But, you made the flight so that’s all that counts, you tell yourself. So you settle in for the 4 hour flight but you have this nagging feeling to check your tickets again because the first leg went so well…

You check your ticket and do a double take….something just seems off about the timing but you’re too tired to process what it means. You’re just glad that your connecting flight is in the same airport.

Upon arriving at the airport and finding the right gate for your connecting flight, you notice that your flight time is scheduled to leave in 1 hour -only, why does it have tomorrow’s date next to the time?

You confer with the agents at the gate (which was difficult because of the heavily accented English) and find out that your connecting flight is indeed scheduled to leave in 1 hour…and 1 day.

And suddenly, everything falls into perspective for you. You decide that next time, you’re booking though a travel agent because the $800 deal didn’t turn out to be so good after-all.

I want to hear from you guys. Has anything like this ever happened to you or someone you know? Leave a comment below.

“Life is Just For Living!”

Barbara Blake
Travel Consultant
IslandBreeze Vacations

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